Rock Band Recording: Radiants

For this project my project group worked together with the band "Radiants" and recorded two tracks with them. The objective was to create a rough mix and to get a feeling for audio mastering. A requirement was to use AVID Pro Tools. Both songs could be recorded in one single day.

First of all, the drums were built up, miked and recorded. We experimented a lot with the microphone positions until the sound was satisfying. Some synths and pads were already pre-produced and were used as foundation for the rhythm and beat. After that, it was the guitarist's turn, followed by the keyboarder and finally the vocals.

Now it was time for mixing the tracks, which everyone in the group did on their own. I was able to learn a lot about mixing itself. For example how to begin with it, what ways there are to pan instruments in the stereo room and how create a balanced mix without instruments simply "disappearing". This project was quite a lot of fun to me, particularly because I was able to work with professional musicians.


  • Ende of 2017

A project work from the 5th semester of the bachelor's degree Media Technology.