Big Band Recording

Similar to the rock band recording project, the task here was to record two tracks of the big band and mix them afterwards. We invited the "VoixxBradler", consisting of 13 members with vocals, trumpets, trombones, clarinets, a tuba and drums. One day before the recording we prepared everything. After they have arrived on the next day, we positioned the musicians in a semicircle. We recorded the session with instruments and room microphones as well as used room divider to isolate each track acoustically. With some instruments, we had to create a playlist, as these were simply inaudible in the overall recording, which especially affected the clarinets.

Despite the successful rock band mixing, large wind instrument groups have to be mixed quite differently. Due to this project I could also gain more experience in this area and learn what has to be considered in such mixes. Although more time-consuming, the procedure is very similar. This project posed some challenges for us, but as a team we were all able to solve them.


  • Ende of 2017

A project work from the 5th semester of the bachelor's degree Media Technology.