Radio feature: Donald Trump - From Businessman To President

A president who acts hardheaded and not in the interest of people? One whose candidacy became so ridiculous that he has won the election? The 45th President of the United States of America is changing the country and unfortunately not for the good of everyone. The country is in a turnaround, people want to remove him from office and stop his presidency. But even if the world hopes that this era will soon come to an end, he has received half the votes of the US people. He is certainly was not elected mistakenly but what do his voters expect? Which promises were kept? Interviews with US citizens and foreign students describe the current situation in the country of infinite possibilities. Because even if many things are easy to criticize from the outside, a completely different situation takes place inside the US. Which objective does he really pursue and who has profited so far from him being president ? Perhaps there is more behind his persona with an agenda that he keeps from the public.


  • Ende of 2017

A project work from the 5th semester of the bachelor's degree Media Technology.