The lifetime of a smartphone is approximately 2 years. A third of them is being disposed of only because of battery problems. That is over 500 million devices per year worldwide.

IntelliCharger allows you to customize the charging process of electronic devices. Communication between IntelliCharger and the corresponding app allows you to control the charging process. Thanks to the ability to limit the charging maximum, batteries are no longer overcharged and therefore last longer. Additionally, the charging period can be set freely. 

The product itself looks like a small USB stick that is connected between the charging cable and the power supply unit. It also has a digital display. The app can be used to communicate the charge status and to limit the charge of set boundaries. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the charge status of all IntelliChargers in the household and to configure them remotely.


  • September 2019 – April 2020

A project work from the 3rd semester of the Master's degree Digital Media Production.